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 Astro, Head Derp

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PostSubject: Astro, Head Derp   Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:13 am

Greetings! I am Astro. I am the founder and creator of Everlasting Loss, which had been in my head for a long time and the rules were written up for it for a few years. While I feel the RP isn't quite ready, I really felt the need to try to spark life into my IRC RP after having felt the need to leave for a few weeks. As it stands, I suppose, I am the Head Derp around here. I admit, I am not around much due to College (at the time of this writing), but I do try to RP in other places and my own when I am not too busy elsewhere.

As stated earlier, I am a 21 (at the time of this writing) year old Psychology major who is attempting to get his associates degree. However, I do feel psychology is not my calling. I cannot see myself being in the psychology field 10 years from now, so I will be switching to General College until I do manage to find my calling.

At home, which usually takes place on the weekends or hoilidays, I enjoy: RP-ing, playing video games, sleeping in late, conversing, and playing bass. I have been playing bass for two years and I suck. I feel like I have a terrible foundation and feel I need to attend lessons. I play with my fingers or a pick and am learning how to slap/pop. My preference is metal, but I seek to play more than just that.

I have been RP-ing for quite a long time. I believe it is 7 years or so. I started back in 2005 RP-ing on forums, then AIM, which then moved to MSN RP, then back to forums, then to IRC. While I do write, I generally stick to poems or stories from the first-person perspective. I do not like first-person, but it is easier for me then third-person. My weakness is dialouge, but my strength is detail. Admittingly, my wordbank is quite weak and, therefore, is a major drawback on what I just so happen to be describing.

As far as other things go: My absolute favorite color is purple- my appearance may say otherwise, my favorite color combination is a spot between white and red or black and white. My favorite foods are on a list so very long, it would be best to just say, "I will give anything a try" and move on from there. I like horror movies, but due to the decline in horror movies over the years, I have moved into other genres and found such classics as Full Metal Jacket, Akira, Somewhere in Time, and The Grapes of Wrath along with many others. When I read, I try to stick to authors I know, but very few books catch my attention though I do enjoy reading when I have the time. T.V. is something I lost interest in after a long while and, while there are good shows out there, I just believe there are none out there to be watched. I do watch T.V. however and am looking forward to the next season of The Walking Dead and Metalocalypse.

I do believe I have rambled on enough. If you would like to know more about me, just ask and I shall answer.

If this was not an introduction, then I've not a clue what is.
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Astro, Head Derp
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