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 The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)

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PostSubject: The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:42 pm

Author's note:

Welcome to the planet of King'ras Major (King-Ross May-her)! This planet is not but one of many in the massive empire that is that of the SRC, or to the common man Se'Rallies Confederation. This planet is specific in nature, due to it being the Captial as well as the Home planet of the Snow Leopard Anthros the King'ras. (Cheeky bunch of gits, eh? Naming the planet after their race!) This great empire expands to many solar systems, controlling over a few trillion people in its great populace.

Noting that this empire controls more than a few trillion people as well as a few star sytems would suggest that they are a space faring nation, yeah? Good guess! They are. They control many hundreds of vessals. Some as large as skyscrapers and one so large that it can block out the sun. Of course the story is Sci-fi! Its only fair to have a sci-fi story to go along with a sci-fi RP. Now... the author has held you long enough. Lets get to the good stuff.

Chap. 1:

Usual day on King'ras Major. People in the city were mindlessly going about their jobs, working as they always have. Laughter, singing, drinking, trading, and general living filled the hub-bub of the city. Crime in the city was low due to the only police there being that of the CUP or Core Unit Police. Dressed in purples and whites with shining crystalline armor, they were easily spotted and sometimes easily feared. They were here only because of the nearby CU Base where many recruits and officers of all kinds were shipped in and out on a daily basis. As any one given person approaches the base during the early morning, they would be able to hear the quiet thunder of firing rifles and the the almost literal thundering of the man in charge of that quiet thunder.

The scene under this cloudy day is quite snow filled. A great, white, glistening surface that gives the perfect background to the solid white buildings of the King'ras. On a nearby range, a male King'ras wearing whites and blues yelled at a small contingent of co-ed Kingrians wearing whites and greens. The fresh meat of the planet that was just cut from the bone that is King'ras Major.

"Fire again, damn you!" A contingent of rifles ring with a quiet thunder and clack as their owners pulled the trigger and yanked the bolt in precise and uniformed motion. The commander behind them growled as his soldiers, "You bunch of gritty snots! Nothing bunch of disloyal snobs! Have ye no aim!? You can act like a unit, but you sure as Fell won't kill like one. You nothing but cannon fodder to feed the guns of the enemy!"

The contingent growled and hissed at the Commander, who snarled back at them! The contigent whimpered and whined as they backed down from the intimidating figure, he huffs in disappointment, "Smart of the book, unwise of the age." He shakes his head, "You all better not disappoint. Check your rifles, clean them, and then put them back into the assigner office. Dismissed, ya paggers." The Commander turns and walks away.

The contingent disperse as each of its members go to their seperate bunks. Training has been a relative pain in the 'Ras. Sometimes the commader picked one from the unit and beat him/her to the point of breaking limbs, hospitalization or in one instence, death. It may have been the future, but BTotCU (Basic Training of the Core Units) or "Buttoc" (to the veterns) hasn't changed in too many ways since the Age of the Red Diamond back before the they had ships to fly and planets to protect.

The Commander enters a building and takes off his beret. He was a Low Grandous or "Low Officer." He's been working his unit for the past few weeks and while they improved on unionization, they are flailing on weapons training. He takes a seat and awaits for the Higher Grandous to come out of meeting to give his report to the OCO or Overall Commanding Officer that was stationed here.

The Commander scratches his head and growls at a few recuits that lost their way, but quickly found it and ran off the way they came. He sighs, hating his current exsistence. He missed his old unit, his old position, and his own home. He knew coming to the Capital to help train these paggers was a bad idea, but when the Great One calls for his children to serve, they went and he did.

The Commander glances and and clicks his teeth, his tail twitching vigrously as he awaited for the 'Ras Brass to get out of meeting. He hated waiting. It made him think. Oddly enough, the Commander hated to think. It only annoyed him even further. He stands and gives a salute. Left arm stiff to the side, hand flat. Right arm up and bent, fist at the throat.

The Higher Grandous walk out, primarily Elder King'ras that should've been retired years ago and a few younglings that were fresh to their positions due to political ties. A relatively young King'ras wearing nothing but white with a high admiral's cap steps up to the Commander and returns the Salute, "Commander."

"Admiral For'tuna." The Commander says in with a hint of aggression.
The young Admiral smiles, "No need to be like that, Commander! You know how to be jost!" He chuckles and eases, "And to you I am Vin'cen. None of that... officer cadre bullshyte." He waves his hand dismissvely, as if clearing the air of the high officer and low officer stench.
The Commander grumbles, "Officers are seperated for a reason, sir. I am below you and take your orders, which I may or may not pass down to those under me."
Vin'cen chuckles and pats the Commander, "That may be, but you know how I earned this position. I don't truly deserve it." He begins heading to his office.
The Commander follows, "Right... your Father posted you here. How is the Grand Admiral been as of late? I heard the whispers of another conquest in the Deltas. Perhaps I-"
Vin'cen stops and holds up a hand, "Ah-ah... no. You're the best at what you do. King'ras Major needs you here to help train the whelps... and thats why you're here, yeah?"
The Commander nods, "That I am. The little paggers can't shoot worth a gram! I'll be hung, stripped and beaten to death by the lot of them. They have the greatest disicpline... just can't shoot."
Vin'cen grins, "Sounds like Calvary to me... regimental, perhaps? Ya know... just for show."
The Commander sighs and nods, "They do excel with melee..."
Vin'cen claps, "THere! Not so hard now is it? Now... I'm on a date tonight. Going with the Grand Ambassador's daughter... any idea what I should do?"
The Commander erfs, "My mistress is War, sir. I only know the way of aggression."
Vin'cen sighs, "High heresy, Commander. You'll be literally stripped, stocked and then beaten at that rate."
The Commander grins, "Have to catch me first!"
Vin'cen blinks... then laughs! The Commander grins, knowing he could. Vin'cen stops and wipes his cheek, "Oh thats too good..." He eyes the Commander, "You're serious aren't you?"

The Commander gruffs, "What if I am? What do you think you'll do then?"
Vin'cen sighs, a hand to his hip and the other to his brow, rubbing gently, "My duty."
The Commander snarls, "And what is th-" He stops, coughs and starts to fall. He lands and coughs some more. Looking upon himself with what little strength he had... he saw the hole in his chest and the young admiral over him. Stunned and wordless, as well as drowning in his own blood. Vin'cen was holding his pistol, a laser pistol, only legal amoung the CU high grandous cadre.

A Kingrian LP-35"Commissar", a very powerful and obviously deadly weapon. Inner supression chamber that supressed the majority of the sound to a like crackle, similar to that of burning wood. High density blue beam, at longer ranges wouldn't usually pierce Crystalline armor, but up close it shredded it. The pistol was unqiue and hard to get, but it wasn't a suprise to the Commander how the young admiral received this pistol.

High Admiral Vin'cen For'tuna was a man of connections and he, always had one for any situation. The young admiral sighs and aims the pistol again, "Sorry Commander... but with the power invested in me, under the great one which war is waged for peace and prosperity... I sentence you to death. May your soul find peace and may those poor children you trained be clensed of your brain washing." He fired again.

Later in the evening the CU medicae can be seen taking a black sack out. The young admiral was nearby getting into a hover craft, heading home to end his day.

{End Chap. 1}
I absolutly love reviews. Of course, mind you I don't do this often fo I can be imagined like a rusty tool. Give me your reveiws and I may reward you with more stories. :3
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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:25 pm

Author note:
As stated previously, I LOVE reveiws. Giving them to me, lets me know how indepth you'd like to get into their culture and their ways and if you'd like to add a charrie, then let me know. Its all in fun!

Chap 2.

Vincen rides along in the magna craft, listening to the dull thrum of the small ion generator, powering the rapidly spinning magnets as the blades below made the craft hover and the ones on the back propelled it along. The pilot was a retiree of the previous senior staff, who couldn't let go of the hum-drum that was the cadre politics.

Vincen leaned forward, "So Jo'ziz? Hows the wife?"
The pilot smiles and chuckles, Vincen knew very little of the pilot, but knew that he was once a great colonel who lost his voice to a richocheted laser round. The old kingrian grins, likely around 163 now, his voice sounded like a bad smoker's as it electronically buzzed, " SHE BE FINE. SHE BE SO RESTLESS AND WANTS MORE KIDS."
Vincen blinks, "By the Great One, man! Your heart will give out!"
The older Kingiran chuckles, a free hand fiddling witht he gauge to his voice box, " THAT is A matter of oPINion young ADmiral." He coughs some, "I WISH I had the FUNDS to get a new one." He strikes it and coughs, "OOOWwww!" He frowns, "I HaTe TEChnoLOGY."
Vincen sighs and runbs his eyes, "Alright, alright! hint taken. I'll get you a raise!" He grins.
The elder blinks, "What?" Obviously clueless to the young Admiral's deviousness.
Vincen leans towards the elder and whispers, "There are minimics in the car... I'll get you a raise, alright Jo?"
The Pilot grins, "YES'er!" He then speeds the Magna forward and in a few moments, they arrive at the estate.

Vincen steps out and looks about. The large home has been in his family for many generations, suffering the effects of many wars, ranging from civil to base politic wars. The large structure was a Manor insiade a castle. The large Kingrian crystalline walls, decorated with many of the Kingrian Religious and political symbols, made it very outstanding... what made it even more so was that its walling was made of speciality made Black and Red Crystalline, which was as hard as they could make. The outer symbols were added one with extreme care. VIncen smiles at the scene and steps up to a few Soldiers of Rallies which were of a few local clans and trained to guard the home while the master was away.

He steps up and salutes, "In his name..." He begin.
They salute with their swords, "We stand strong!"
He grins, "In his name..."
They bark out, "We protect!"
He then drops the salute, "For the Great One..."
They growl and stomp, "We'll live forever!"
Vincen smiles, then goes up and pats the first few on the soldiers, "How ya been, boyos?"
THey grin and give nods and statements of pleasentness.
Vincen nods and walks on, "I'm on a date, Lads... I'll have to go drinking later." He was answered with a whine of disappointment before they went back to their duties. Vincen steps up to the manor house... it was tall, broad and very well built, just like the outerwalls.

He smiles as he enter the building, many of his maids were nude! This was the only part of the house that the guards weren't allowed. Why? Because! These women were trained just like the men, and if the house was ever to be seiged... these strong, lovely women would grab rampart guns, sniper rifles and anti-armor. He gives the occasional swat and giggles, "So many lovely ladies... so little time!" He lived in a house FILLED with somen, yet he was a bachelor? One would think this to be scandelous, but due to Vin'cen's clan being of the Elder clans they allowed this because of he honestly did follow the old more polygamist ways.

He sighs happily, "A house for 500 and filled with 100 women just for me." The guards of the walls lived in Barracks that were against the walls, as well as the outer armories. Despite being a peaceful culture, they were forever prepared. He steps into his room and found someone laying there, "Ah... Mistress Dec'sol... once again I find you in my chambers. I've said no many times, and its not because I favor the other sex..." He looks to her.

Kel'jec Dec'sol... 7'1", female, built like a brick wall, toned and powerful. Her sharper than average hazel eyes eye him as she grins. She was a predator in any right, she spoke with a rather lovely feminine voice despite her appearence, "Oh? Hmm..." She stands, oddly enough she was still in her battle damaged armor. Leave it to an Arch-Angelous Super Soldier to be in their armor and think its sexy. It was primarily blackened sue to the fall she had to make as she made planet fall, "Well... why do you keep turning down my offers, eh?" She grins as she looks down at him.

Vincen holds up his hands, "One... rank. Two... you. Three... you'd break me. I know I'm too much man for any one woman... but you're too much woman for any 10 men!" He chuckles, "WHy not pick one from the Super Class?"
She erfs and crosses her arms, "Because... they don't want what I want."
"Kids?" He moves and sits on the bed and pats it.
She sighs, nods and sits next to him, "Yeah... they want to hump-a-rump, but nothing else." She leans on him... who collapses! She blinks and gets up, "ACK! Admiral!" She picks up the smaller King'ras. He groans, "Uuuh..." He groans.
She sighs and puts him on the bed, "I'll get the medicae..." SHe walks out as the young admiral passes out.
{End of Chap 2.}
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PostSubject: Chap 3 ((Unfortunately, the website hates me and it forced me to post in other places. >_<))   Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:28 am

Chap. 3-

He was walking along... looking at all the faces that he knew and regretted to watch disappear. He can hear the marching feet, making him glance back. The sound struck the ground ever so deep, he shivers and starts to run.

He sees the a common Wreath of Hope thats usually hung off the doors of his people. Out of no where he runs into the bodies that were hung off ties... death by Rope. He yelps and hops away from the bodies, knocking the booted feet form him. He backs up, looking at the gallows before noticing a tightness about his neck and he's hois-

Vin'cen sits up yelling! The medicae in the room jumps back! "M-mi'lord! Are you okay!?" A fairly stupid question. Vin'cen runs his hands about his neck, "I... I... yes. I am fine. What happened?"

The young medicae, a female dressed in a skimpy skirt and a top that barely covered her breasts, "You were out... Mistress ah..." She frowns and huffs, "Dec'sol." SHe clicked her tongue as she spoke, "Accidently' flattened you. You should honestly put a leash on her, sir."

Vin'cen sighs before chuckling, "I see... well, begone with you! I am well and awake." He wasn't caring about the day it was, because he felt well. It was a new day and he needs to get after that damn woman.

The medicae blinks, "Are you su-" She is unable to speak as she is pushed out by her rear, "Eeep!"
Vin'cen grins as he gives a grope, "Now, now! I am master of this fortress and I said out!" He then shuts the door after her. He sighs and heads over to a table and picks up a small remote. He clicks the button on it and a screen appears as well as the visage of his female Guard Captain. She salutes!

"Captain Du-"
He smiles, "Captain... no need for such formalities. Outside or when guests is for that. Ine these walls, you are to be relaxed, casual but of course, ready."
She blinks and nods, "Yes sir. What is your need, sir?"
He starts getting dressed, "I want Staff Grandous Dec'sol down at the range. I have something for her to try out.
She nods, "Yes sir." The screen turns off.

He sighs and gets dressed. He put on a light crystalline mesh that he usually wore... the thing was old as he was. Constantly refitted and fix. There were mix-matched scorch marks, little holes and large scratches. He sighs and puts it on. There were many attempts at his life when he was away... the Se'Rallies Confederation's Foreign Legions always had issues, but thats due to their resistence to a Kingrian commander.

He looks in the mirror, "Damn Vin... so young, yet so old." He brings a hand to his mouth, "Sir, sir! Low Admiral! How did you die?" He ahems, putting his hands at his stomach, "I was shot in the head by a sniper, scewered by a Super SOldier, then roasted with hints of garlic, rosemary and white berry and then eaten by the politicians."

He smirks, and strikes a pose, "And damn... I look good!" He chuckles and puts on a gray light shirt, some purple pants before some light purple robes, and his old silver boots. He stands and heads out, passing a few maids, "Ladies." He grins as he walks down the long hall towards the 'range.'

He passes by many doors, including a grander set that made his own look drab. The doors had his clan seal placed largely on its front, the handles were done in a very intericate way. He stops at the doors, glancing down the slight hall to them, gulping. He toyed with the idea of going to see his father, but the idea of disturbing the great and powerful political figure was startling. He feared his father, for the man was about his height, weight, fairly well the older version of himself. The only thing that seperated him from his father was his zealousy.

Vin quickly dismisses the idea of visiting his pro-Kingrian father and quickly continues his march to the range! He steps out the doors into a large courtyard where a few men and women guards mingled, trained and did their deals. All of them saluted him as he passed, him giving a nod before walking out the larger blast door and into a long range. He gazes about the area, seeing many 'dead' walker tanks, crashed airal craft and many other mechs that beyond recognization. Over on a dead walker sat Kel.

The female was very beautiful on the backdrop of war and peace, her place atop the fallen walker that was partially covered with snow as it jutted from its position in defiance to the harsh King'ras Major enviroment. He can't help but feel a bit heated as he stared in awe, he gulp as he notices what she was wearing.

Kel was wearing a gray shirt, purple pants and silver boots! He growls to himself thinking, (Damn that insufferable female! She does that to bug me!) He then humphs and strides to her, "Staff Grandous!"

She blinks, breaking her trance and looks to him, "Oh! Admiral... just ah..."
He erfs, "Daydreaming again? Don't got time for that! Get your Super ass down here!"
She grins, "Oh-ho! Getting dominent, are we Vinny?"
He growls, "DOn't call me that... you know better!"
She giggles and stands near him, forced to look down, "You get too mad too easily, Vin'cen!" She gives him a dismissive wave, "You sh-" Smack!
Vin'cen slapped her! "Damn it woman! I'm serious, and don't fucking talk down to me!" He snarls, his hand moves to his waist buuuut! He forgot his sword and pistol.

Regardless! He hops up, grabs her by her neck and puts his feet on her stomach, putting himself where he can look her in the eye, "You may be larger, and obviously more powerful in terms of physical... but I will BREAK YOU if you continue your path!" His claws dug into her hide, his teeth fully showing as he snarled.

The super soldier rarely feared, but she obviously feared him, she tears up and sniffles, "Y-yes sir!" An *ahem!* disturbs the two, making them look over...

There stood about 5 King'ras, 3 Ursian, and 2 wolfo-dragos. The leader was a King'ras flanked by the Wolfo-Dragos, a race of warrior dragon-wolvens that the King'ras discovered on a minor planet far away named Terras Gamma. The race was usually 7', built as strong as the Kingrian Super Soldiers, purple eyed, black scaled, and red fur. The creatures were to be feared because they never seemed to die and the only true way to ensure the death of one was to remove its head, heart and have all three pieces incinerated seperately.

Vin gulps, "G-g-granad-" The leading King'ras holds up his hand. High Grand Admiral Neros Delune chuckles, the ancient male was still as tall, strong and powerful as ever. He then spoke clearly, his voice hinting his age of a passed 203, "It is fine, Low Admiral Dec'sol. The female super solider is indeed a creature you must ah... beat some sense into." He grins at them, "Or... in your case perhaps impregnating her? The Bachelor Admiral they call you." He then laughs! "Come... let us get started..."

{End Chap}
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PostSubject: Re: The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)   Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:27 pm

Chap. 4-

Vincen follows with Kel shortly on his tail. They were following the most revered man in the SRC military. The Grand Admiral is apart of the 'Big Three' that makes up the Kingrian Government. The Grand Arbitor A'ron Hilo, Grand Ambassador Gil'der Dec'sol, and Grand Admiral Neros Delune. The Arbritor's duty was to the religion as the Ambassador's was to the Politics and people, and of course, the Admiral was to the military. The Three Grands were purely Kingrian, aged of thousands of battles from politics, religious disagreements and deadly skirmishes. The Arbritor once said, "One of those two will end up killing me. Not with their hands like real men, but from the strain of blessing the masses."

Vincen sighs as he sits in the crystalline bunker set for weapon's testing... Vincen's pet scientists from the Draconian, Wolven, Ursan and Jakeel governments have worked and made a new weapon for them. "Alright my friends... turn the bunker to the Ease." The group then hears the catter of confirmation as they enter the digits into the hightech structure. Not a moment later, it began to rise and turn. Soon they were over looking a pock-marked landscape with hundreds upon thousands of holes. SOme ranging from 1cm in diameter and others going up to leagues.

Vincen turns to his fellow officers, "Gentlemen... you know how my father is. He speaks of the body, mind and voice being intuned to run a government. TIme and time again, he has proven this. So! In his name, I have made the newest weapon in our Arsenal. The JK-101-L.R.O.C.G'd... or the Long Range Orbital Cannon Gil'der." He takes out a rifle like device, and aims out onto the crouse, "It uses pinpoint targetting from out very own ships and satallites in the atmosphere." A powerful red beam leaves the rifle as he aims at a placed cruiser.

All of Vincen's targets were used and worn spatial vehicles that could no longer serve, fixed or refitted with more modern weaponry. The Ancient ship in question was once named the 'Absolution' due to its powerful shields, and heavy armor. It stood absolute against the enemy and fought valiently. Now the great hulk was disrobed of its great battle plates, its powerful ion engines torn and metled down and its massive battle cannons were removed and placed on a younger, more powerful ship. It was a sad sight upon the landscape, it was able to keep some plates to refer it to its numeral designation and its great name, displayed in Kingrian letters upon the side. The Ancient Ship seemed to glare at Vincen, intimidating the young admiral, as if it was once again making its last stand.

Vincen pulls the trigger on the large laser targeter... and not a moment later, a great white beam descends upon the Absolution, ripping bolt from nut, rivet from fitting, and piece from piece, the ship's parts flew into the air as a cry like a great screeching eagle booms into the valley and into the bunker. The Absolution's tethered spirit was finally set free in a blazing glory, its cry winding down and chunks from it quietly scattered to the winds, crashing in the great wilderness to decompose. Vincen sniffles, just as all the other officers did, "Grand Admiral? Please name that project of yours... ya know. The hush-hush one. Name it after that poor hulk."

The Grand Admiral nods, "I once served upon that ship. He flicks through the file. He out of all didn't shed tear, "It was a great ship. It deserved that... and not that it's warrior spirit is freed, then we can hope to rebind it to the project." He nods, "World-class ship Absolution... sounds nice." He nods. He stands, "The weapon... Gil'der? Whats its maximum range?"

Vincen smiles, "Don't know... we fired it thought a jump gate and it descimated a few enemy settlments... so needless to say... I believe it has no real range as of yet and its recharge time is based on where its placed. It uses solar panels and chargeable Ion cores to get the job done."
Neros nods, "I see... well that is all. Knowing you, you made it as cost effective as possible... I swear... between you and your dad, I haven't a clue to whose the tighter penay puncher." He then heads out. His guards and flunkies following.

Vincen lowers the rifle until it drops from his hands, "Sucess..."
Kel catches the rifle with ease, due to her being by his side, "Vinny..."
VIncen looks to her and smiles, pointing, "Ya know what? I may just make love to you after all!" He runs over to a phone, punches a button, "Jazzie? Call up everyone at the mansion and tell them it was a sucess! Time to party-boys!" He puts it down then picks it back up, punching yet another button, "Desmond? You and your scientists are invited to my mansion! The project was a sucess!" He hangs that up as well.
Kel giggles, hugs and gives the young admiral a kiss before grinning, "You're going to be late, Admiral." A smell waffered about the room...

Vincen sniffs curiously and whimpers, "K-k-kel? You're ah... not in the right mind!" And he was slowly loosing his.
Kel giggles again, kissing him deeply before she moves him down, disrobing himself... then herself... the hatch to the inside the bunker clanged shut. No one saw the Admiral that night.

He shifts and looks about... damn, he ached all over. Why did he ache? He was old, but certainly not that old. Perhaps in mid-age... perfect for him. He grunts as he looks about the hospital room, how the hell... oh! Now he remembers. He was fucking shot. Damn that young one! He growls as he sits up, his hand moving to the wrappings about his chest. He coughs and an electronic voice mutters, "Punishment through healing." He blinks and feels his neck... it felt liks his fur, but he knew better! He dug his claws into the hide and cut himself open, roaring in pain. He grabs a bedside mirror and observes the hightech voice modulator.

He blinks. That pistol did more damage than he thought! But... atleast they fixed SOMETHING! A moment later, a few nurses run in, wearing soft armored gear. The grab him, restrain him and sedate him. A doctor then comes in and sews up the damage. He picks up the Chart and reads over it, "Hmm... he doesn't have a name... but a rank? Commander, eh?" He puts the chart down, "Lucky man to survive a plasma blast. Guess the young admiral didn't have it in him to outright kill you for... for what ever reason." The doctor heads out as the old, battered King'ras laid there and slept with dreams of hate and war.
{End Chapter}
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PostSubject: Re: The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)   Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:15 pm

Chap 5 -

He groans awake, another long night in his opinion. He looks about the room he was in, where was he again? Oh yes... the damn hospital. That fucking Admiral didn't have it in him to take the shot, but he did shoot at someone else. What the hell had happened? He glances about his surroundings, looking for anyone there or just something he could get ahold of to speak into or just to.

His voice's electronic buzz is soon heard, "HEllo?" He coughs and fiddles with the mechanics, something he's used to seeing amoung some veterns.

Soon the doctor walks in, "Allo, allo. Names Donat, and I'm your doctor for this evening. I've noticed the guards and they don't seem to tense so you're likely not in much trouble, but the plasma rifles suggest that you are very dangerous." The doctor smirks as he turns a few dials on a nearby machine, "Also! We've had some complaints from your ol'boys wanting you up for service soon... they don't like the top notched commander down, eh?" He chuckles.

Commander growls, .oO(Just shut up! I'm tired of this! Get. Me. OUT!) His thoughts yelled in his mind. He didn't wish to speak, not with that cursed device attached to his throat. The doctor moves over and adjusts the device a bit, "There... that should make you sound more normal... or atleast as much as you can until we can fix up your chest and parts of your throat that was cooked!"

The Commander sighs, .oO(Whatever...) He then speaks and sounds almost normal, but his box still buzzed, "Thanks, Doc. Perhaps you could get me a spook. I need to get ahold of someone." The doctor shakes his head, "No can do. You are getting the silent treatment. I'm allowed to talk to you but not about you. Kinda restricted details, ya know. Basic protocal since the young admiral shot ya. Lukcy to have lived past the first shot. That 35 is a powerful pistol."

A speaker is soon over heard, "Doctor Donat, please come tot he main desk. You are needed." The doctor blinks, "Oh my... busy, busy! Have to zip off, Mr. Co! Lifes to save... lifes to end... lifes to birth... lives to ruin... ya know! Doctorly things!" He walks out as quickly as he came! The Commander blinks and erfs, .oO(... Someone just shoot me now.)

Far away from the hospital, almost on the direct other side of the world...

VIn'cen yawns as he awakens, having had a relatively pleasent night last night. He didn't know what had happened or if anything was a miss but he felt great... until he realized where he was. As he gazed about, he was still in Bunker Alphas on the test sight, the room was a mess with fallen shairs and shreded clothing. He felt soemthing soft and plush, of which he was hoping it wasn't but he knew was.

He looked down to see his 'lover' still asleep. She seemed to radiate the sheer peace he had given her. He then sniffs and tastes the air... they had mated and in a very rough manner, which though him, she had relieved her terrible heat cycle that the female of the King'ras suffered. He patted himself over and checked for anything broken, and luckily for him there wasn't anything. He stands and heads over to the communication device, or a 'spook.'

He dials in his manor's number and waits. After a momnent of agonizing waiting, a cheery female answers, "Hello! This is Vice Admiral Vin'cen Dec'sol's rescidence! I'm-"
He coughs a gruffly states, "Its me."
The cherry female pauses, "..." And then realiszes, "Oh! Sorry sir! I did-"
He sighs, "Its fine. Just... just get a floater over to Alphas Bunker at teh Range with some clothes for a regular and a super soldier... there was an..." As much as he hated to call it one, "An accident."
"Yes'R! I'll have it on the way in 5 and it'll be there in 10."

He nods, "Thanks." He puts the ringer down before righting a chair and sitting, and as he sits he gazes at her sleeping form, realizing what he had done. It wasn't forbidden, but strongly suggested to not do, for the majority of children conceaved via super solider usually... came out wrong. Mutated, retarded, dead, or a mix of the few, of which the poor Staff Sargent rejected with all her heart, because of her want for one.

He rubs his temples, "She is... is going to suffer more now than she ever had." He sniffles, before he stands walks over to the hatch and opens it with a hard pull. He takes one more look at her sleeping form before he starts his climb down and out. There he sits in the snow and waits for the rest of the time suggested, allowing her to sleep dreams of bliss and happiness, because unlike the happy super solider, the Admiral was going to become much, much colder now.
{End Chap}
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PostSubject: Re: The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)   

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The Present of the Kingrian Empire (Something unrelated to post-apoc, but appropriate for a Sci-fi setting)
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