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 Vincen 'The Vinny"

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PostSubject: Vincen 'The Vinny"   Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:56 am


Last name:

Finart (Snake-man)



6'4" - 76"


Eye color:
Literally a glowing blue, 2 eyes, slitted pupils.

1. 9mm Glock 17-
a.2 9mm 15-round magazines (Loaded, one in the pistol)

2. K-Bar-
a. black coated steel (Non-rust)
b. wooden grip
c. black coated steel butt (non-rust)

1. Mark 5 Kevlar gas-helm
a. intergrated breathing system (limited by the two canisters on each side
b. intergrated eye shades (limits his vision, but also blocks the glow of his eyes giving him a sense of normality)
c. Outer steel material (back, side and top are of this material giving better than average defense against small arms fire, but does nothing against rifles)

2. Kevlar Vest
a. Kevlar material (provides protection against most if not all small arms.)
b. covers from his waist to his throat, but doesn't cover his arms or sides, just his front and back.)

3. Leather Trench Coat
a. Large size and thickness (hides his weapons and armor)

4. Blue Jean pants
a. As the name implies. (Other than hiding whats under neath, not much to tell other than they are faded.)

5. Boots
a. Just an average set of laced boots (other than being of some tough hide like material, nothing special or noteable about them.)

Storage devices:
1. Swiss Army Backpack
a. Large size (can hold items in general.)
b. Its swiss (It has great durability)

2. Empty Canteen (x2)
a. As the name implies.

1. Ration pack
a. dried meat, dried vegitables, dried fruits. (May not taste like a TV dinner, but it atleast feeds you.)

1. Canteen 40oz.
a. holds water.

None, but will work if given the oppertunity.

Born in a much lesser town where the majority of the populace was mutated, but not deformed. Derived from humans and the hotness of the days, his 'people' had adapted to their enviroment and became much like the reptilians of the earlier days. His specific race was much like the local snakes, specifically King Snakes and/or Grass Snakes.

The town has since disappeared, just as the general of his race. Since then he has been wondering the continent. First he had a great amount of supplies, but over time it began to dwindle as he traded, bartered and gave away some of his supplies to gain armor, weapons and his life, on occasions. Now he's armored, armed and prepared for what is to come and ever willing to help those in need.


Side notes of my own:
(Mun or mundane - means the player of a character or refering to the OOC nickname of the owner of the specific forum page.)
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Vincen 'The Vinny"
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