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 The Official F.A.Q for Everlasting Loss

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PostSubject: The Official F.A.Q for Everlasting Loss   Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:13 pm

Hello, and welcome to Everlasting Loss. You have, by whichever means, found my IRC game. This is information about the game, how it works, the settings, character creation, and any other questions that you may have will be covered in this F.A.Q. You may send me a private message if you have any questions.

“You find yourself standing before a city in ruins. Black clouds pass through the already maroon and red-orange sky. You, currently, stand upon a downward slope and you can see black smoke coming from various parts of the city. The buildings are ready to fall at any moment. To your left is a long path that leads along a Dam. The water has completely dried and the structure of the dam cracks and crumbles beneath your feet. To your right is a check-point for guards of the dam, but this post is of no use to you. Stepping slowly and testing the ground, you slowly jog down the steep hill as if you are being pushed by an unknown force...”

What is the setting for Everlasting Loss?
Everlasting Loss is set in a large, vast city that once held life. It shows many signs of age and battle, and many sections of the city are largely unavailable to you: the player. The city, itself, can hold around 250,000 people. It is a modern-day city set in a Post-Apocalyptic world and many, current, artifacts of modern-day life can be found there, such as: cars, motorcycles, television sets, video game consoles, refrigerators, washing machines and laundromats, shopping centers and automobiles repair shops, computer stores, toy stores, low-budget shopping centers, restaurants, and hospitals. Bandits may be found roaming around outside the city. Pirates, Looters, Religious Groups, Armies, Bands of Survivors and such may also be found out in the World outside of the city.

How do I make a character?
A basic profile should be typed up for a simple view of your character, so we- the players- can refer back to it if we should feel the need to do so. This process is not mandatory, but is would be kind of you to do so. For your profile, you should have the following information on it:

Last name is required if your character has a last name. Middle initial, martial name, nickname, or which ever kind of name you may think of can be placed in as well.
Date of Birth is not required.
The standard format is that of what you were taught in school. Feet, Meters, Inches, Centimeters are all acceptable, but if you could, it would be nice if a conversion of the height were included in parenthesis right beside it. (For those who cannot do the Math or refuse to look it up.)
Eye color
Specific any other details that would be in the category of 'eye'. Example: Bob has two eyes, can fully see out of them, but one eye is green and the other is blue with a scar over his left eye.
All I can say about this is, any kind of human with an occupation may be found within the city.
If you can, you should have Before and After Event sections in your biography or some resemblance of these sections. Full sentences should be used and may vary in length. Give details if you can.
Any other information you want us to know
I know you will keep information about your character to yourself, but do not spoil your character for us.
Side note: It would be most nonsensical for a child or baby character to go exploring outside the city limits. Remember, when having a child or baby character that there is ALWAYS the risk of a raid on the city or your child/baby character catching an illness and in the case of an illness, just know that there is no electricity to keep your character within safety. Depending on the illness, no electricity means no safe means of treating the illness despite there being small quantities of medicine.

Hold on a minute. What do you mean by that side note, Astro?
What I mean is, bandits come through and steal what they can to get by and there is no power grid in the city. By having a child character, your character is much more easily affected by disease and illness. Without proper, modern-day technology that is supplied by a power grid, your character may die as their immune system is not fully developed. Despite small quantities of medicine in the hospitals around the city, that will not prevent a death. It will only delay the inevitable.

I have my character and profile made. Now what?
There are a few more things that you should know before jumping head first into the world of Everlasting Loss.

The City
The city, itself, has no name. (I will refer to it as 'The City' from here on.) The City can hold 250,000 people, but it is not limited to that number. Standing dead center in The City, one will see crumbling and destroyed skyscrapers, rooftops, antennae, broken windows, and other things. One can find many things there that were a sign of life: private homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, garages, a few stadiums for sports, random paraphernalia littering the streets that once belonged to people. The City has many shops and fast-food restaurants, some of which include (but not limited to), McDonald's, a local shopping mall, quite a few schools, a few community colleges, a few universities, some taxi stations, bus stations, a train station, four hospitals, numerous warehouses, a few churches, a pier, a boat dock, an airport, and many other places that one might find in a modern-day city. The City has an Uptown and a Downtown. Downtown is more of an urban jungle while Uptown is comprised of suburban living. Downtown has apartments and condominiums, the taxi stations, the hospitals, sports stadiums, a train station and a subway, while the Uptown has a local shopping mall, fast food restaurants, personal homes, and local and private schools. As stated, many areas of The City are cut-off due to rubble and destruction.

The Land

The Land is the body of land in which The City resides on. The Land, itself, is surrounded on one side by water and gives way to a gulf which connects to a large ocean. It is mostly land that has been built on, but there are large patches of green in the Northwestern, Southeastern, and Southwestern sides. The open land is quite large, but does not span as big as a forest even though there is a forest located on the land. Located in randoms blots, one can find lakes and rivers which drain into the gulf. Here and there, one can find the occasional cave. A desert is located in the near-center of The Land. The desert is a small portion of The Land that breaks off into a patch of green in its eastern side. Wildlife found in The Land contains many of that which can be (but not included to): deer, raccoons, possums, armadillos, a vast abundance of birds, bears, wilds wolves, fish (they can be found in various ponds and rivers), snakes, bats (located in small caves), and a legion of insect life. Within those patches of green, one can find a seemingly endless supply of flowers, wild fruits, and a large mixture of tree life . Near the Northeastern edge of The Land is a small mountain range.

Holy crap, Astro. That's kind of cool. You mean we get a whole mass of land AND a city to ourselves?

..Wait a minute. What about the world?
As one can imagine, the world outside The City is a huge place. What is found outside The City and The Land is left up to the community to decide.

This is really cool.
It is cool, yes, but there are some simple guidelines in which you must follow:

1.I expect you to keep the native buildings of, say, Japan to stay in Japan. It would be most nonsensical to see a Japanese dojo in Mexico just for the 'lulz.'
2.Know this: A large and cataclysmic event has happened in the world that The Land and The City resides in. When thinking about how the world outside works, think; Fallout, Mad Max, or think of what you would do if something like this were to happen. I have no doubt that you will be creative, but know that there are bandits, gangs of survivors, modern-day pirates, armies of people, survivors who are trying to life their lives after the cataclysmic event. Know this: Food is scarce and people are trying to survive. Looters have stolen food, supplies, and working vehicles to get by. Know this: Some areas are unaffected by bandits, thieves and looters. These survivors have reclaimed small towns for their own and have made poor villages out of them. Lastly, know this: It would be silly to see a hunter-killer robot, terminator, Robocop, or any kind of futuristic robot in this post-apocalyptic world. Mutated humans, radioactive zombies, and humans with minor superpowers can be found.
3.If a nation like England wanted to attack Turkey, it is required that you ask for permission for this. Large scale attacks must be approved.

That's kind of cool, I guess.
Rules must be established or things will be chaotic. Do not be so 'down' about it. I know you will do well.

I have all this down, I have my character made, I know about this city. I'm just curious if there is anything else that you have to tell me.
Yes, I have to tell you the general rules now. These will be quick, I promise.

1.No godmodding.
2.No meta gaming.
3.You must be able to type the English language and you must be able to read it.
4.No godmodding.
5.Copyrighted characters are not allowed.
6.All sex scenes will be taken to a private message or to a separate room.
7.If you do not like a member, do not talk to them, but you will keep them off of ignore status.
8.No u can not haz ops. Operator status has to be earned and not given.
9.The cake is not a lie, as it has been wiped from existence in Everlasting Loss.
10.No godmodding.
11.No godmodding.
12.No godmodding.
13.If your character is SUPER-DUPER-KAMAHAMEHA-SUPER SAYIAN 4-SCREAMS OUT ALL ATTACKS-ONE HIT-AUTODODGE-AUTOHIT-CANNOT BE TOUCHED-KNOWS EVERYTHING then you will see your character deleted and removed from play. You will, then, be silenced and forced to think about what you have done.
14.All operators have permission to ban if they spot something that goes against these rules.
15.You will obey your local law. If you do anything that breaks the law, the governments law, or causes you to be labeled as a threat against your country, your city, or your state of residence then the operators and myself reserve the right to ban you immediately.
16.All operators must deop themselves when away.
17.I cannot express how important this is:NO GODMODDING.

Why does 'No Godmodding' show up more times than anything else?
I will not tolerate the act of godmode. This is a golden rule of mine. Should I find that you break this rule, your character will be deleted and removed from play, and you will become banned from roleplaying in my room. However, you may still reside in the out-of-character room if you so desire.

Now what?
Enjoy yourself, have some laughs, and have fun.

Now that you know the rules, I expect you to abide by them. I wholeheartedly believe in second chances, but if you push your luck then I will see to it that you are dismissed.

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The Official F.A.Q for Everlasting Loss
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